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Oct 2, 2020

Time Stamps:

00:00 Welcome to a long episode. Just know that this was a three-day editing process for me and all I do is talk. I’ve cranked out multi-track episodes with background music in less time than this episode took. I don’t know why. It’s brought on an existential crisis. Anywho, ENJOY.

03:00 We enter the goals portion of today’s episode! I chit chat about my September and why I find making my goals public helpful.

04:13 First Goal Reflection: Creative Sundays

09:05 Second Goal Reflection: Get my shit together and bring back the habits I’ve been working on ever since I started this goals series. (Less Taco Bell, less caffeine, sleep, etc.).

12:01 Kk, time to RAVE ABOUT OCTOBER AHHHH IT’S TIME, IT’S SPOOKY WITCH TIME. We also are in the final quarter of 2020 like bless get me tf out.

13:19 October Goal #1: Purge EVERYTHING. Clean out my apartment, my bad thoughts, and maybe take a shower every now and then.

15:18 October Goal #2: Bring back that glorious routine I used to have with this podcast where it didn’t consume my every waking moment.

17:05 October Goal #3: I make a mantra even though I’m not a fan of mantras. Like, I feel like a big poser when I try to make mantras but I pushed through the fEaR and made one for this month: move. As in, get my ass off of my couch. Not focus on the same thoughts/memories over and over and over again. 

21:07 How I made it to my 100th episode with Angus Eye Tea (huzzah!).

23:24 What I’ve learned about podcasting, and podcasting with a mental health disorder (pesky bastard).

  • 23:32 Sharing your story can be cathartic but you need to know your boundaries.
  • 26:51 It’s okay to not fit in with what a podcast is “supposed” to be. I used to feel like I was too extra and I needed to reign it in to be more successful and now I cackle about that idea while I guzzle wine and edit my episode eight hours before it’s supposed to be released.
  • 28:31 Perfectionism needs to die. The joy of podcasting will slowly dwindle if you keep pushing your limits, such as NEVER missing an episode, cutting out every time you breathe because, yes, you are a robot and people can’t POSSIBLY know you breathe my GOD.
  • 30:37 The stats or number of likes on an episode don’t matter if I enjoyed the episode I made, good or bad.
  • 32:08 Having a podcast provides my week with structure which is great for my mental health! Making an episode is enough motivation for my depressed self to focus on something and accomplish a task, even if at the time it feels like I’m making a crap episode.

34:41 What I’ve learned on podcasting about mental health.

  • 34:53  Never try to be what you aren’t. (For me, mental health professional, perfect person, Holier Than Thou, etc.).
  • 36:59 Make sure you’re okay bringing up certain topics or stories from your personal life. 
  • 37:46 Batch recording is the Depressed Podcaster’s elixir.
  • 38:53 You will not run out of ideas! Your emotions will change, your reactions will change, and your perspective on anxiety/depression/mental health will change as you grow so don’t be afraid to bring up old topics. Life is ever changing and will provide you with the prompts you need, and that goes for any creator.

39:42 Why do I podcast about my mental health?

41:51 Just another amazing outro. Congrats--you made it to the end! Yeehaw!

Howdy, Heifers! IT’S MY 100TH EPISODE. I love that for such an important milestone, I was three days late on uploading this episode. Oops, my b. But, regardless, I combined the goals episode with a chat about podcasting and sharing your mental health with THE WORLD. 

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I am not a health professional. I am simply someone who was diagnosed with an anxiety and depression disorder. Please talk to your friends, family, teachers, doctor, trusted human, etc. if you need help. I also have a resources page on my website that can direct you to different hotlines, therapy websites, and more at