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Sep 18, 2018

It was only time. This is a mental health podcast, after all. By the Laws That Be, I had to make an episode giving meditation a serious go. Hear about how many people barged in on me trying to find my zen, as well as my crazy and most likely delusional plan I made for my month where each weekend I had to go on some sort...

Sep 12, 2018

Hey, Heifers! Today, we’re going to dive into post-travel depression - a.k.a. that down feeling you get when you come back from a vacation, trek, quest, the grocery store, etc.   Life can feel like oatmeal when you return to your daily routine when a week ago, you were eating bread in a foreign country. And carbs...

Sep 4, 2018

Hello, friends! Today, I sit down with my friend Kameron (well, we crashed on the floor, technically) as we talk about how our superstitions both fuel and calm our anxieties. Fern also makes her first active debut in the podcast and tries to ruin everything.