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Sep 25, 2019

Hey, Heifers! We have first aid kits for our physical wounds, so why not have something on hand for the mental/emotional injuries we get? Today, I walk you through how I have prepped my own version of an anxiety first aid kit, as well as how to customize this for YOUR VERY OWN! Let me know if you make one or already had...

Sep 18, 2019

Hey, Heifers! I had a moment where a friend suggested I go back to therapy, and for some reason that opened the flood gate of emotions I'd apparently been bottling up. Even when I actively focus on my habits that show me I'm falling into a depressive episode, it seems the body continues to be one step ahead. But, with...

Sep 11, 2019

Anxiety sucks, and it seems to stain every aspect of life. But have you ever considered what positive things your anxiety has brought into your life?

Hey! Don't throw your trash at me!

Listen, I know. I know. Anxiety? Be positive? I must be mad, which duh, of course, I am. You may be surprised, however, if you analyze...

Sep 4, 2019


Hey, Heifers! Dorian tried to thwart my upload, but fear not - I powered through! Today, we're gettin' into those sweet, sweet monthly goals. Did I augment my August? Will September be sick?

Make sure to share what goals you have planned this month!

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