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Aug 25, 2021

Hey, Heifers! ANGUS EYE TEA IS THREE YEARS OLD. HOLY COW. MOO. I’m blown away. Hitting year one was cool. Year two was like, wowowowowow wild. But three years? So much has happened! I skimmed through my episodes and it’s wild to think that I used to eat blocks of cheese for dinner. Now I accompany them with a slice of bread! I figured I’d talk about how I managed to keep this podcast running for three years, especially since my mental health took some dips here and there. Thanks for listening and being the best Heifer around <3. 




1:12 How did I stick with podcasting for three years? (This episode is mostly so I can figure out how I did it like lol wat). 

2:35 The Beginning of AET: Where was I mental health wise when I started Angus Eye Tea? I think this can affect how a project will go sometimes.

14:00 Starting is always the hardest part of any hobby or pursuit. 

14:36 When I felt bored of AET or it felt wrong, I reframed what the podcast meant to me. “How to’s” vs. tarot vs. “Let’s drink tea and” episodes were ways that I fiddled around with my format to keep myself excited to create. The different formats also allowed me some brain space if I was tired (ex: tarot is me literally reading the card with the occasional giggle). Trying to find what felt like me, not what I thought people wanted me to be, was a big milestone.

18:30 Dealing with depression and Angus Eye Tea. How I still created while in the fuckery.

24:10 When I was depressed and didn’t care about anything, I worked hard to remember what made me excited about AET. I wrote my five star reviews on sticky notes and posted them around my computer as inspo.

26:23 Podcasting with manic phases is a new thing I’m dealing with!

30:00 Not focusing on the numbers is possibly the best tip I can give you for starting out with any hobby/venture/passion.

32:36 In short...

34:23 Outro!


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