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Sep 16, 2020

Hello, Heifers and Hipster Witches alike! Our favorite Astrologer Crystal Warren is BACK and this time she’s reading ME to FILTH. If you’re new to this mini-series and/or have no idea where to even begin with this topic, I'd recommend starting with the first episode we did, When The World is on Fire, Can You Turn to the Stars?, which covers some of the basics of astrology, FAQs for an astrologer, etc. 

Today, Crystal unravels my birth chart, revealing hidden traits I possess, my life’s purpose, and yes, even my PAST LIVES (I know a lot of you were dying to know this after our last episode together!). This is just a taste of how much astrology can explore your life. Since 2020 has been a lot, we’re finding that a lot of people are searching for balance through different avenues. So, Crystal and I thought it would be fun to demonstrate an astrological reading as a potential option!

If you’re curious about what your chart might look like then Crystal is an excellent person to turn to! She does readings and can help narrow in on any questions or problems you may have. You can find her on her website at and on Insta and Facebook @insightfullycrytsal.

BONUS FUN: I guested on the For Your Reference podcast where we talked about my FAVORITE MOVIE EVER, Anastasia. You can find the episode at #MenAreSuchBabie #ScrewBartok

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