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Mar 31, 2021

Hey Heifer! I’m back with my monthly goal series and the first thing I want to do is throw March in the recycling bin and try again next year. You’ll get to hear about my mega car saga and all the self-doubt I battled this month. I am so excited for April, though! Sloshbucklers will go live, I have great content ideas, AND I get my second dose of the vaccine. WE’RE SO CLOSE, GUYS! I hope you have a wonderful month!



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00:00 Intro that includes me exposing how little I know about soccer despite playing it for 10 years. Welcome to monthly goals!

1:46 How my March went. Spoiler alert: It was a 2 out of 5 stars.

2:08 March Goal 1: Launch Patreon. Success!

4:41 March Goal 2: Get a new back windshield for my car. Technical foul had by car, but I def get a Participation Trophy. Enjoy my saga.

19:32 Final goal of March: Steady stream of income. Meh?

22:19 April Goals. Goal 1: Do my taxes oops.

23:57 Goal 2: Earn $500 $1000 this month.

25:32 Goal 3: Go on three nature outings.

28:50 Outro and Patreon Lovies.


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