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Feb 3, 2021

Hey Heifers! First of all, I edited this episode in ONE HOUR. Fern kept DEMANDING attention today (Tuesday), like, more than usual, so I almost didn’t have this episode ready for y’all. But I pulled all my mighty editor muscles together and voila! Apologies if I overlooked any oddities (the singing does not count...

Jun 10, 2020

I’m back! Last week, I took PTO for my mental health for the FIRST TIME EVER. This rambly episode is about why it’s okay to take mental health PTO, why it took me years to do it myself, and just how great it was to take a step back. I think I only sing once and I mutter sad things maybe three times? Let me know how...

May 14, 2020

Lol, hi there, heifer. A lot of people try to forget their panic attacks. If souls could vomit, we would call them panic attacks. I’ve had some spectacular anxiety affronts in my time and I’ve always had this list in my mind of my GREATEST HITS. Today, I finally induct these freakouts into my Hall of Fame.

Want to...

Jan 22, 2020

Hey, Heifers! My medication change has had me all up in my feels lately, so today is a very casual chit-chat between you and me. I share how I feel like I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to discover my meds were wrong, how I trusted my hunch that something wasn’t right, and other fun...

Jan 8, 2020

Happy New Year, Heifers! This year, I'm trying to be kinder to myself both physically and mentally. In this episode, I reflect on 2019 and then dive into what I wrote on mY dReAm BoArD. (I know, I'm hopeless, aren't I?). 


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