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Aug 18, 2021

Hey, Heifers! Yeah, remember how two weeks ago I was all like, “I’m back, better than ever! Yay! Ready for a regular schedule!” And then I just didn’t post at all last week? Well, that is because every undecided thing in my life suddenly made a decision. At the same time. In the span of two weeks, I’ve moved and started a new job. This episode is incredibly rambly, even by my standards, so hang in there! I *will* be back next week as promised.




1:30 I moved and I have a new job!

2:34 I thought I would be a lot more emotional considering the big life changes I’ve undergone, but so far I’m doing a-okay.

7:00ish Having a roommate for the first time in four years.

10:15 While everything has been a lot, it’s also all felt right. Clicking into place.

12:20 I’m still incredibly confused about my life. We’re on a path now that I never considered. It’s like I’m experiencing a new color.

17:05 Hoping that having a job will force a routine, keep my brain awake, and let me get back to creating for Sloshbucklers and adding more to my Patreon.

18:53 Outro!


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