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Sep 1, 2021

Hey, Heifers! Today, I chat about the unexpected twists that happen in our lives and how we handle them. I reflect on what I said last episode, and what I’ve been saying over the summer, and how it all hits a little different now. I hope you enjoy the episode!




00:00 I had a WONDERFUL surprise happen to me last week!

5:51 I’ve had a lot of unexpected pivots recently. I was already wheeling from my recent life changes (moving, new job). And now, something that was completely out of my control has happened to me. I’m working on accepting that I can’t always control the situation but it’s hard to digest that idea.

8:45 My coping mechanism as of now is trying to be present. 

10:36 I’ve been trying new things in my life, one of them being ice skating! In South Carolina! During the summer! 

14:08 I swear, the Universe is thwarting this podcast with all these life changes lol. I’m excited because I now have things in my life that require a planner which means I CAN BUY 10 PLANNERS NOW HA HA HA HA THAT’S A SANE THING TO DO.

15:33 Back to being in the present and battling freak-out mode with everything-is-obviously-fine-hahaha.

16:45 I’m really grateful, especially for sweatpants.

22:42 Outro!


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