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Mar 24, 2021

I HAVE A SECOND PODCAST! Sloshbucklers is my evil, inner child and I’m so excited about this project. Sloshbucklers is the uncanny podcast that reviews canned booze and season one focuses on hard seltzer. AHH! This has been my second Secret Project that I’ve been working on and it has been a JOURNEY. In this episode, I walk you through how I created Sloshbucklers from the first idea to the panic to the self-doubt to the first recording. The first three episodes will be live on 4/1/21! Yeehaw!



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1:23 How a cool idea I never had time for became a reality, even in the face of depression.

10:14 The honeymoon phase ends and now I’m facing my self-doubt, depression, and anxiety head on while I’m unemployed.

12:51 I realized I was having a hard time making moves on Sloshbucklers because I had a paralyzing fear that people expected a LOT from me since I already had a podcast.

17:55 How did I push through the imposter syndrome/paralyzing anxiety?

 22:15 What I’ve learned from this experience: always give it a shot!

26:07 GO DO IT! Patreon lovies, socials, fun times. Talk to you next week!


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