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Jan 20, 2021

Hey, Heifers! Welcome to my Life Sabbatical. I have officially left my corporate job of three years without having another job lined up. Some of you guessed that this was my Secret Life Project so extra points to you! I can’t begin to tell you what a wild ride it’s been leading up to my last day. Today’s episode breaks down why I made this decision and what my plans are moving forward! Also, hi Potential Future Employer! Consider this a *snazzy* and *swell* audio cover letter.*

*Of course, if you’d like more background music or some dinosaurs screeching in the background, just let me know. I didn’t see any audio guidelines on your website. Thx.


00:00 Time to reveal MY SECRET LIFE PROJECT.

00:56 Why I kept it a secret.

02:15 Okay, the OFFICIAL reveal.

04:12 WHAT? The background on what led to this decision.

09:45 WHY? Why did I decide this was the best choice for me?

14:12 HOW? How am I going to handle this big change? How did I make this happen? (The answer always involves a blood sacrifice btw).

19:38 WHAT’S NEXT? “The Plan.”

28:05 Final Thoughts

30:26 Outro! It’s 1:35 am on Wednesday as I edit this so you can just tell I’m really on top of my life rn. Good night!


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