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Aug 4, 2021

Hey, Heifer! I’VE RETURNED! Two months flew by and so much happened. I originally recorded this on July 24th and already I’ve had two major life changes I can’t wait to tell you about. In this episode, I regale you with  my pod break and what I’ve come to learn during the Life Sabbatical (and if you’re new, I basically quit my corporate job in January to figure out my life and it’s been a hoot and a half lol). Everything is chaotic right now for me so I’m glad to have Angus Eye Tea back in my schedule to ground me!

Have a lovely week, Heifer!




1:37 What happened during my two month break?

2:11 For starters, I got older and entered my *gasp* late twenties.

9:19 Remember how I said I was going to write a book?

13:00ish Remember how we need money to survive in this capitalistic society? Here’s an update on my job hunt emotions.

18:50 I feel like I’ve finally woken up since January.

20:37 I missed podcasting! Also, the fear of taking a break and never coming back.

 22:45 (I, uh, broke my no-caffeine streak and it’s been catastrophic.).

25:11 In conclusion…

27:18 Outro!


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