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Feb 10, 2021

Sup, my beautiful bovines? DJ Luminous Buckshot Love is here to break down some sweet, sweet listener submissions in this episode. The timestamps below will guide you through this podra sutra. From catfishing to forbidden love, you’ll be so enrapt that you’ll forget you need to finish binging Bridgerton.*

*I’ve made this sound very raunchy but in reality, this is an incredibly goofy episode.

Moo-ch love,

DJ Luminous Buckshot Love


00:00 Welcome to Slow Jams night. I’m your host, DJ Luminous Buckshot Love, the winner of the DJ name poll. 

01:30 Listener EARRLLL Grey wants to talk about CATFISHING.

 07:03 ClaudeHasClaws asks, “What is your ideal Valentine’s Day gift?”

08:40 UnbotheredQueen has never had a Valentine and she, along with us, don’t give a f*ck about societal standards. 

09:55 Overall, the Heifers have *feelings* about Valentine’s Day.

11:30 Poll Dancing time!

19:32 InJailSendBail asks how to find love during this quarantine time...and I guess in prison, as well?

21:24 NoNudesNoNoodles shares a horror story from her Galentine’s party.

 25:20 Creative Writing Professor crush theory.

26:30 DJ Luminous Buckshot Love’s Love Resume.

28:15 DJ Luminous Buckshot Love signs-off.

28:40 I sign-off and hint that next week’s episode will be a doozy...


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