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Jan 6, 2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR, HEIFERS! I’m BACK. Today, I’m going to go through 2020, what I learned, etc. etc., and then just list some loose hopes for 2021 (I’m not foolish enough to expect anything ha ha ha hasdkfjasfd). I also mention THE SECRET LIFE PROJECT. I should be back on my regular schedule now so I PROMISE I’ll talk to you next Wednesday!




00:00 Let’s exorcise 2020, Heifers.

03:35 Personal shit from 2020, starting with my new meds leveling out and then the world shut down lol.

08:15 With my new meds, I finally had head space to look at my life and I came to the realization that I didn’t like what I’d set up for myself. So I felt stuck and then entered a LOVELY depression from May-November. :) (Also, Secret Life Project en route!).

10:16 2020 was the year I made a LOT of bold moves. Some of my anxiety muscles weakened but I started flexin’ a little and I promise I’ll never make a workout analogy ever again.

12:47 Creativity SUCKED this year. Re: September-December for this podcast whereee I kinda disappeared here and there. Sigh.

16:47 2021. I’m not setting goals per se. Maybe loose expectations. Suggestions. Gentle whispers to the moon.

18:31 Act sooner, not later.

22:04 I want to read MORE. MWHAHAHA. I almost didn’t hit my 2020 reading goal but then at 11:30 pm on NYE my friends were like, “fuck no”  and pulled up a bunch of royalty-free stories and just WENT and read them out loud to me. I also want to be more active in the podcast community. (I recommend Who Knows? and Dungeons and Daddies).

26:37 I’d like to keep a life schedule with this pod and, idk, laundry? Grocery shopping? Hobbies? The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

29:05 In 2021, let’s all get weird with our creativity. 

30:31 This year’s mantra: Go for it. And a sizzling outro.


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