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Mar 3, 2021

Hey Heifers! I stopped doing my monthly goals series because my life kinda fell apart and I was barely functioning, let alone setting goals and trying to complete them. But now that I’m in the Life Sabbatical and am seeking structure in my routine, I’m bringing them back! The biggest news is that AET has a Patreon now! Tiers start as low as $1 so if you feel inclined, go ahead and check out the below link to see what additional content you can enjoy! 

Have a lovely March!




00:00 Why I’m reinstating the monthly goal episodes, and why it’s helpful to set those intentions.

06:00 Goal #1: Launch and maintain my Patreon!! (

16:26 I’m launching my secret project on April 1st.

19:02 Goal #2: Fix my warped, dysfunctional back windshield on my car lolol.

22:29 Goal #3: Figure out a source of income.

26:12 Outro!


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