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Oct 14, 2020

Get your Hipster Witch on at!

Time Stamps:

00:00 G’day, mate. I have some weird anecdotes to share with you today.

01:23 HAPPY SNAKE-MATING SEASON!! I’m about to share some recent encounters I had with our tube-sock-reptilian friends.

06:31 I’m acquaintances with an alligator named Gucci. Gucci was recently part of a crime. Teens were involved. A mystery adult was their ring leader. This is his story. *dun dun*

07:46 I read the facts of the crime from an official email I received from my apartment complex.

11:11 Now that Gucci is free, I’m worried that I’m going to step on him in the middle of the night since he now has a vendetta. Fern finds Gucci fascinating and while Fern could totes pull off the adorable three-legged-dog lewk, it’s not a vibe I’m going for.

13:01 I’ve begun a Casual Human Interaction obstacle course to keep my minor socializing skills intact. It’s awkward.

15:30 My latest obstacle course is a horribly laid out grocery store that has cheap peanut butter and fancy beer. I never shop there but I needed the peanut butter and fancy beer. An awkward moment with sliced cheese, respecting private aisle moments, and lots of scurrying.

19:48 Another anxiety of mine is hosting people in my home. Now that I can go to the cheap peanut butter store with the fancy beer, I’m going to start inviting my bitches over.

22:24 Prime Day. The glorious Amazon Prime sale that makes you brag to your friends that you got a toaster for $3 off. My white whale? Shadow boxes for my travel memorabilia. 

24:46 Creative update--I’M WORKING ON THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! And it’s going (not so) GREAT! I went to work on it and oops, plotted out my novel for National Novel Writing Month.

28:10 Overall, I’m okay, I’m just stuck in this gross inbetween phase of my life. But it was nice to focus on these weird anecdotes!

29:14 A snake-free outro.

Not gonna lie, Heifers, I had no idea what to talk about today! I realized I had all these weird, short stories of things that have happened to me recently so I figured why not talk about them ALL! I encounter a lot of wildlife in my day-to-day life and I forget that it’s not normal to see otters crossing the street for most folks. Enjoy this fun ferris wheel of life updates and tidbits!

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