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Apr 7, 2021

Hey, Heifer! Do you ever have one of those weekends where you can’t tell if you’re embarking on some healthy self-reflection or if you’re falling into a pit of depression? I had a weekend like that recently. It feels like everything is up in the air right now and it’s both exhilarating and burdensome. I came across a YouTube channel called Yes Theory and they do all these exciting adventures. I couldn’t help looking at my own life and thinking, “Wow. I’m boring.” In this episode, I think out loud about what “adventure” truly means, what I have or am lacking in that department, and the beautifully tragedy of nostalgia. Yeah, it’s one of those episodes lol. Grab your pinot grigio and enjoy!



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00:00 This is my third time trying to record this damn episode because my brain is so scattered so this is it, this is the audio we’re sticking with hell or high water. 

00:58 The art of sluggish behavior.

2:43 I had a weird, introspective weekend that inspired this episode. The kind where you’re either really enlightened or depressed lol.

5:03 The sudden stab of nostalgia consumed me due to an obsessive binge of the YouTube channel Yes Theory. 

5:51 I’m crushed with the burden of knowing I can change my life however I want (within means). 

 7:43 This has brought up many questions: Where do I want to live? Do I want to sell everything and live in a van for a year?

8:09 The difference between an adventure for yourself and an adventure to be seen by others/proving your worth/for likes.

11:18 Realizing I set standards for myself to live a “fascinating life” and to prove to myself that bipolar doesn’t hold me back. This way of thinking has...consequences :). I’m losing my travel muscle and it scares me. 

13:57 I think nostalgia is a bitch <3. I’m nostalgic for my lovely time in Venice.

17:12 But maybe if I can’t relive the memory, I can recreate the mood.

19:03 Ever since I quit my job, I keep finding people that are doing what I want to do, but I never knew that was an option.

19:45 What does adventure mean to you?

25:37 Thanks for listening! Lovies to my Patrons: KT & Oti, Vanessa, Rachel, Laura, and Taylor! <3


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