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Oct 7, 2020

Get your Hipster Witch on at!

Time Stamps:

00:00 This is a great time to check your mail so you can clip coupons while listening to this episode.

00:50 Explaining emotional spending and how depression can make it worse. Yay!

01:48 An ironic plug for my new line of Hipster Witch shirts! I’ve had my own Hipster Witch t-shirt for ages and people kept asking me where I got it, so I decided to just make it public and let the masses have at it. You can find that #swag at

04:04 Money has always felt like a quick fix, especially when it comes to eating out. Depression can cloud my memory and warp time so I tend to forget that I’ve already made smaller purchases earlier in the week. Thus creates a parade of surprise packages showing up on my stoop every two to three days.

07:01 I was quite depressed in 2017-2018 and once, in the span of about two months, I spent $2,000. This does not include rent, bills, necessities, etc. I thought new items would change my day-to-day life and thus change how I felt (which at the time was shitty).

10:22 The tale of my spontaneous trip to Japan in 2017. At the time, I was at peak Depressed Elaine: My apartment had no water, I had a dog who wasn’t potty trained, and I frequently ate blocks of cheese for dinner.

15:08 That trip didn’t set me up well for future travel spending. The Japan trip helped my depression so much (despite the hit on my savings) that I sought trips every time I was depressed, regardless of my money sitch. This turned into escaping my depression rather than working through it.

16:26 After I’ve spent a lot of money, I get so stressed that I enter this “fuck it” attitude about spending. Like, I’m already in the red, might as well just buy EVERYTHING.

17:41 I’ve recently entered a retail therapy phase and it’s not cute. 2020 fatigue, life crossroads, and stuck at home probably prompted the latest wave. Hoping that items will bring me relief. I bought sherry glasses, I’m planning on buying a car, gettin’ bougie from my Taco Bell and upgrading to Chipotle, etc.

19:41 How I curb my retail therapy:

  • 19:55 Let myself add EVERYTHING to the cart but not buying it. It’s easier for me to make a quick purchase if there’s only one or two items in the cart, but if it’s HUGE, then I tend to pause, overthink all the purchases, and then close out the window after overwhelming myself. (And yes, that’s some self-manipulation lol).
  • 20:55 I don’t make purchases on the same day that I find them. I wait three days (if possible).
  • 21:56 Wait and save up to buy a big ticket item so you don’t feel guilty about getting it. I like to use the Digit app.
  • 22:50 If all else fails and I end up pulling out my credit card, then I’m only allowed to retail therapy on items that have purpose. I have a list of items on my phone that I’d like to get that I need but haven’t felt the urge to get just yet. Not the best, but at least the things I’m buying aren’t as much of a waste of money.
  • 26:49 If you’re buying a program or class, make sure you’ll actually follow through with it. If you haven’t made time in your schedule to use it, or your heart isn’t really in it, then buying it won’t just make that new, fun thing happen. Also, I’ve tried pushing through my motivation by putting down a lot of money on things I wanted to make myself do and it’s backfired. Sometimes it’s worked, other times I’ve been too depressed to care, said “fuck it,” and just lost all that moola.

28:36 2020/COVID/Quarantine causing retail therapy spikes.

31:35 #BudgetSavvyBitches. A lovely outro as always.

“Fiscal Feelies” was another title option I decided to forgo for this episode (though I do have minor regrets about that choice). We’ve all gone through retail therapy, but when you have depression and a credit card, things can get pretty dicey. I’ve struggled with emotional spending for a very long time. Most of my purchases didn’t bring me the joy I sought out, but that didn’t stop me from constantly adding to my cart. I talk about some methods that have helped me curb this incessant shopping and include personal examples of comfort buys/depression purchases along the way!

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