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Sep 24, 2020

Time Stamps:

00:00 Congrats, you found the beginning of the episode. Yeehaw.

01:55 Describing ‘Rona Rut: The Sequel and how it’s different than the first bout I had.

02:50 My anxiety is up because I don’t have as many opportunities to practice dealing with it.

06:40 Now that I’m cruising on my new meds, I have more time and clarity to evaluate the way I’m living my life and boo, I ain’t feelin’ it. I’m struggling to merge New Elaine with Old Elaine.

08:20 Setting better boundaries while working from home. Taking PTO for mental health

10:30 Self-care waves: dance, making MY OWN TACOS, cleaning up my shit.

12:56 Realizing I have a hard time letting go of items and THOUGHTS WOW.

13:57 Update about if I’m moving or not and also how I’m making big life decisions and not beating them to death like I normally do.

16:43 Existential crisis. What do I want to do with my life once the world opens up again?

18:04 Before I was on the right meds, a lot of my time was spent trying to stay afloat. Now that I’m better, I can’t help but feel like I “wasted” so much time and have to somehow make up for it.

20:32 I’ve become really good at procrastinating on my creative projects and I’m both proud and sad.

24:02 We all get into ruts, even when it isn’t 2020.

25:53 My sick af outro mofos.

Howdy, Heifers! I talked about the ‘Rona Rut, (when you feel stuck and there happens to be a global pandemic and all hell has broken loose), when we were five weeks into quarantine so I wanted to do an update after having been quarantined for six months. I’m out of the practice of using my anxiety muscles--the tools you use to battle the mini anxieties like opening a door to a new place--which started a spiral of “I’M DECAYING MY GOD EVERYTHING I’VE LEARNED IN THE PAST 6 YEARS HAS BEEN WASTED.” This thought was a tad outrageous but it did lead me to make this episode so we can commiserate together! I hope if you're in a rut, you smoothly journey through it, Heifer. Moo, Elaine.

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I am not a health professional. I am simply someone who was diagnosed with an anxiety and depression disorder. Please talk to your friends, family, teachers, doctor, trusted human, etc. if you need help. I also have a resources page on my website that can direct you to different hotlines, therapy websites, and more at