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Jun 2, 2021

Hey, Heifer! Today, I’m going to tell you how my May went, talk a bit about June, but overall I’m going to casually mention that I’m, um, taking a break from Angus Eye Tea until August :). You know me, so good at taking breaks. Letting go of that perfectionist tendency ha ha ha. Seriously though, I’m excited to rest and come back better than ever! I’ll be active on my Patreon at where you can hop in for $2! Until then, have a lovely Gemini season and best of luck with that Mercury in retrograde crap.




2:27 May - I learned what I want to do and it sent me into a dark depression. YAY.

11:57 Reviewing my May goals lmao.

15:47 Let’s talk about June!

17:31 I’m taking a hiatus from Angus Eye Tea until August. Here’s why.

27:00 Me being dramatic to tide you over for the next few months. SEE YA IN AUGUST!


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