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Dec 5, 2018

Change is afoot, Heifers! Get pumped.

Nov 28, 2018

Hey, Heifers! Oops, I’m a day late. Don’t you love that? NaNoWriMo is killing me right now, so I focused on that instead. And I’m still behind so that def worked out. Enjoy this episode of goal setting and all sorts of nonsense!

Nov 21, 2018

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, HEIFERS. In honor of thanks or whatever BS, I decided to pull out my old af gratitude journal I tried to keep. Queue depressing lists of things I thought were great but were really just me being whiny and wanting Nutella and pizza. The moral of the story is make sure you’re actually TRYING to be...

Nov 14, 2018

L O L Heifers, I’m not even sure how I managed to get this together, but here it is! Basically, everything in my life kinda did a 180 and I had to run to catch up while I was already wearing ankle weights (love a confusing metaphor!). And then I realize that I’ve lived in my new place for a whole year which I...

Nov 7, 2018

Hey, Heifers! November means National Writing Month, no shaving, voting, and hell, let’s throw some arson in there for fun as well. Today, we’re gonna have a sit down chat about perfectionism. Ah, the art of not being able to let something go until it is JUST right! Perfectionism can easily be masked as a great...