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Dec 23, 2020

GASP! Could it be? I uploaded on a WEDNESDAY?? It's a Christmas miracle! Now that the special is over, I wanted to gift you with some of the bloopers we had while slapping this cursed thing together. I hope you enjoy it! Stay safe and be well this holiday season, Heifers!




Due to the global pandemic, Elaine finds herself spending Christmas alone with her dog, Fern. Suddenly, Father Time of 2020 swoops down and kidnaps Fern so he can continue his nefarious plans to make 2020 not only the worst year, but to make it last forever! After a miscalculation, Elaine finds herself trapped in Frost Port, the town of exiled dark Christmas stories. With the help of these banished tales, Elaine devises a scheme to not only save Fern, but time itself! Can she do it before time runs out? Will she get eaten by a spirit reindeer? And how many organs will she lose along the way?



Elaine Best: Elaine, Yule Cat, Baby New Year

Kameron Union: Herbert/Father Time, Snegurochka

Terri, Mixing Up Midlife: Frau Perchta

Kathy, Women Who Sarcast: Krampus, Match Girl/Sofia

Michelle Rubin, Highly Recommended ft. Steve: Karen and Kevin

Fern: Director


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