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May 7, 2021

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Hey, Heifer! New month, new goals! I genuinely had no idea May had started. I think I've been living in a perpetual March. Sigh. This month's goals focus a lot on my art. I feel like I'm turning everything into a chore these days so I want to make sure I keep my cReAtIvE sPiRiT alive. And then, of course, I have a car related goal. Are we surprised?

My April wasn't great but also every month has its ups and downs. I hope your May is looking bright and beautiful! We can dooooo this, Heifers!




00:00 I start the episode off by singing a not Dolly Parton song not called Silver and Gold. Ahem.

1:06 Welcome to the monthly goals series! 

2:21 How did April go? Check your nearest drain.

 6:40 April Goal 1: Do my taxes

7:58 April Goal 2: Earn money lol

14:50 April Goal 3: Go on three nature outings

16:37 Onward to May!

17:44 May Goal 1: Start The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

21:24 May Goal 2: Write every day

23:57 May Goal 3: Give my 14 year-old car its first car wash lolololol

27:30 Let’s put out some good vibes for May! (she said in desperation).

29:47 A snazzy outro! Thanks for listening! Lovies to my Patrons: KT & Oti, Vanessa, Rachel, Laura, and Taylor! <3


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