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Nov 12, 2020

Time Stamps

00:00 Welcome! Election week was stressful and I’m glad it’s over. I will miss the rando texts from supporters for campaigns asking me multiple times a day about who I’m voting. It made me feel loved. <3

01:49 I’m still in an anxiety womp-womp. I feel v awkward going into stores and socially interacting with people. I’ve started an old pattern of just saying no to everything. I mean, I literally ate potato chips for dinner tonight.

03:21 The Christmas Special is aging me. My Secret Life Project is progressing which is awesome and also terrifying. NaNoWriMo

05:44 I’m just questioning everything about my life. What’s new?

07:21 Sober baking vs. drunk baking. 

11:31 I keep thinking I look fine and then I hop on a Zoom call and it’s like wtf happened to me??

13:46 ko0l kidz make their own masks and I realized that people have more than two masks on hand. Like, they don’t have to wash them all the time. They just...there’s just more. And the only masks I have are ones that my mom made me. I’m now in a mask crisis.

15:11 I’ve grown to hate duvet covers. 

17:06 I wielded a mighty weapon and damaged my apartment wall oops..

19:36 Don’t get jingle bells stuck on your toes.

Hello, Heifers! I juuuuust squeezed this episode in. Huzzah! I continue my trek with the Christmas Special and deal with life’s stressors. Today’s episode wanders from power drills to duvet covers to other things found in a Kohl’s catalogue. I hope you enjoy or at least enjoy a 21 minute nap!

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