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Nov 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving! I truly believe in the power of positive thinking and gratitude. But I also truly believe in the JOY and DELIGHT in a fun bitch session. Thus, I give you this episode: a list of my most pressing complaints. Shoutout to Ariana Grande for the iconic phrase "thank u, next."

Feel free to skip around your fav hot takes below:


00:00 Starting off with some major sass. This bodes well.

01:19 I explain the joys of complaining lol.

03:18 We now enter the first thank u, next! Low-fat hot chocolate.

05:40 My parents are canceling their Netflix subscription that I mooch off of HOW DARE THEY.

09:53 People who claim to be obsessed with Dolly Parton but really are just jumping on the bandwagon. Yes, this is a very petty complaint. Yes, I am V PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS.

11:53 Maskne is fkin rude.

12:51 Side quest about the Zoom beauty filter and the compliments you get when you use a filter. Like, does it count? 

14:05: Kk, back to maskne talk.

14:26 Hallmark-type movies that get sequels. No. You don’t...why. Why did you do this?

18:01 Elf on a Shelf. I dislike puppets and dolls. I think this tradition is horrifying and it sounds like a lot of work ew.

20:45 Plz don’t come for me, but I think turkey is overrated at Thanksgiving. It’s all about the sides, my Heifers! Mashed potatoes, cornbread, green beans, green beans shoved into a casserole, an ambiguous dish your aunt brings where the main ingredient is mayonnaise...THEY are the real stars of the show.

25:17 EARLY Black Friday. Because Black Friday wasn’t enough. Stop enticing me!

28:23 Closing thoughts where I attempt to make some positivity for you. 

29:03 My outro which includes angry rock music OOO WAH AH AH.

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