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May 27, 2021

Heyyyyy Heifer! Quarantine seems to be slowly ending and it’s been weirder than I thought it would be. Like, I knew I’d be socially rusty and would have to remember how to order food, etc. But I wasn’t expecting to have weird depression, or that my brain would short circuit and make it feel like things had always stayed open and that the last 1.5 years didn’t happen. So I figured I’d talk about that whiplash today! Enjoy this episode and get vaccinated!




00:00 No masks, no problems? LOL.

01:23 The transition from 1.5 years of quarantine to pre-COVID routines is so weird to me. It feels like quarantine has gone by in the wink of an eye, like I want to forget all this ever happened.

06:10 For so long we’ve had external stressors affecting us that we may have never acknowledged or processed. 

08:09 With things opening again, and us getting to return to our old habits/routines/haunts, there’s this fear that it will get taken away again.

12:01 Some people are going to adjust faster than others (or that’s how it may seem!). 

13:15 I’ve had another wave of depression and I think part of it is the overwhelming idea of getting to “come back” to life even though I’ve continued to live life? Like, quarantine wasn’t a pause. We kept going. How do I merge the two?

17:36 TLDR: It’s really okay if your feelings about quarantine ending are: scared, happy, worried, depressed, anxious, elated, overwhelmed, etc.

19:11 My weird outro where today’s scenario is that you get a kickass MEET CUTE OMG HEART EYES.


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