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Nov 3, 2021

Hey Heifers! Meet my third podcast, Wonka Watch! Today, I gift you the very first episode of my new podcast ft. my cohost Felicia.


1:32 Welcome to our countdown to the Wonka Rapture!

2:16 Meet your cohosts, Felicia and Elaine!

3:58 Our Wonka origin stories: How did we end up dedicating an entire podcast to Willy Wonka? Who does that? What’s wrong with us?

12:22 This is Elaine’s third podcast. She’s tired. Felicia’s friends casually accepted this Wonka podcast, stating “It fits.”

15:43 Wonka Watch: For each episode, we’ll review any news or updates we have regarding the Wonka prequel.

20:22 Prior to the Wonka prequel, what was our experience/exposure to Wonka?

20:23 Elaine saw the 1970s movie, 2005 version (hated it). Never obsessed with Wonka but loved the idea of an edible room. Had a dream she would swim in a room of tuna salad. Never read the book. Overall feelings on Wonka were medium to mild dislike.

22:31 Felicia doesn’t really care about Wonka. When thinking about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it reminds her of a middle school musical version…that may have never existed.

23:20 Uh, wait a sec . . . who is Roald Dahl??

25:21 To make this podcast as successful as possible, we filled out the John Lee Dumas notebook The Podcast Journal: Idea to Launch in 50 Days. As we all know, John Lee Dumas is the Willy Wonka of podcasting (we have no idea who he is). Here are the questions we completed from his book:

27:49 “Who is the one perfect listener for this podcast?”

33:14 “Why do you want to create a podcast?”

32:48 “What is your commitment to podcasting?”

34:06 “Contact people who would listen to your podcast and interview them.” We both had our friends respond as our interview pool. The results were not promising.

34:26 “How do you feel about the topic Wonka in your life?”

36:29 “Ideally, where would you like to be when it comes to Willy Wonka?”

38:34 “What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to Wonka?”

39:09 “What would be most helpful for you about approaching, learning more, or even mastering Wonka?”

41:12 Prequel Predictions: For each episode, Felicia and Elaine will provide their own predictions for anything regarding the Wonka prequel, be it about the film, marketing, merch, the actors, etc.

44:27 Remember: it’s really not that important.