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Nov 20, 2019

Hey Heifers! The first thing I would have LOVED to know in high school was that I was anxious and depressed. Yep. I knew that I was experiencing those feelings, but didn't equate it to a disorder. With a breadcrumb's worth of self-esteem at my aid, I assumed I was just weak and the absolute worst.

This episode speaks to a lot of different folks: current high schoolers, parents of the youths, and folks like me who went through many years before learning what made them tick. 

Since this is all based on my personal experience, please note that not everything I say in this episode may apply to you/the people in your life!

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I am not a health professional. I am simply a human who was diagnosed with an anxiety and depression disorder. Please talk to your friends, family, teachers, doctor, trusted human, etc. if you need help. I also have a resources page on my website that can direct you to different hotlines, therapy websites, and more, at